Absent Referee Procedure

UpdatedSunday September 12, 2021 byRye Brook Youth Soccer.

If for some reason a referee is not at a RB home game when he or she is supposed to, please refer to this protocol in the following order:

  1. Contact our Referee Coordinator for Rye Brook Soccer by text.  Peter Corbin (917) 273-4821 is your first option or Josh Nachman (917) 553-8661 is your second option.
  2. If you are unable to reach Peter or Josh then refer to the attached list of Rye Brook refs and reach out to refs from the list who may be available.
  3. If you cannot find a ref from the attached list, please ask an available Red Bull trainer at the field if he or she is able to ref the game.  Coaches for both teams must agree on the replacement ref.  
  4. For U12 and below, If a Red Bull trainer is not available, a coach or parent (ideally someone with experience) who is accepted by both coaches will be fine.  
  5. Please make sure that whoever refs knows the specific timing and rules for your age group – e.g., for U11 and younger, a head ball results in an indirect free kick.
  6. If a replacement ref is agreed upon, the coaches of each team are responsible for checking the passes of their opponent.  The coach of the home team must furnish the League with a complete report and the Official Team Lineups/Referee Reports for both teams which are filled out by the opposing coach.

For any other issues regarding a referee please email or call Peter Corbin.  Remember, these referees are usually young, learning and someone’s child.  They need to learn from their mistakes (and they will make them).  Please give them as much support as possible.

Also, if the assigned referee does not show up, please fill out this form.

RyeBrook Refs - Sheet1.pdf